6 Ways to Boost Air Freight Efficiency

6 Ways to Boost Air Freight Efficiency

Air Freight

Rising air costs and constant logistical change causes a very steep decline in air freight efficiency. In order to stand out from the competitors and to thrive in such a competitive marketplace, companies have to make their export and transportation of goods to customers more seamless. We have seen and recognized the power and importance of air freight during the covid times when we relied on air freight to get healthcare essentials.

The demand for air freight is rapidly growing because of speedy, quick, and convenient deliveries. However, there are so many challenges that come with air freight. Boosting and upgrading the entire area or aspect of air freight seems a very daunting task, but remember that even the tiniest improvements can have a positive and significant impact on the company in terms of achieving great results.

Air is the fastest mode of transportation and offers the fastest shipping times and reliable arrival and departure times. From covering long distances in a short period of time to freight being completely safe and secure in the plane and covering difficult-to-access areas, air freight is increasingly important for companies. The revenue that has been generated by air freight has risen to 27.2% back in 2020, which clearly shows that the demand for air freight is and will continue to grow. Harnessing the power of air freight in your business will make it more resilient and agile and will further help to seamlessly blend into the supply chain management to have sustainable and stable growth.

Here are 6 ways to boost air freight efficiency.

Air Freight

Hire Xtransnow !!!

Air freight and transportation is clearly not an easy job. There are so many things to consider, and juggling all of this with other work can be overwhelming, tiring, and challenging. This is when the dedicated air trucking transportation services come in for the rescue. If you hire the best and most professional dedicated air trucking transportation, you will be able to optimize and boost your air freight efficiency. The dedicated air trucking transportation will bring cost-effective and turn-key solutions to the table, which will generate more revenue for the company and meet your customer’s expectations and requirements.

XTrans Now is a highly professional, experienced, and skilled dedicated air trucking transportation service that is fast, reliable, and has the ability to handle all sorts of challenges and complications. This dedicated air trucking transportation service has a dedicated team of professionals who do not analyze and optimize air shipping.

Further, dedicated air trucking transportation services have strong partnerships with global carriers, which ensures that companies get the best solutions and results for all of their needs. Lastly, the highly-skilled and trained staff of dedicated air trucking transportation services will ensure that the goods are transferred in the safest way possible.

Digitalization of Processes

Manual work slows down the process. When it comes to boosting air freight efficiency, everything and information should be digitized so that everyone can access the data. Opting for digitization will enhance the transparency and reliability of data.

Airport Cargo Community Systems

Another way of boosting air freight efficiency is by adopting the digital platform ACCS. It is a collaborative solution that cuts down paperwork significantly and allows all the employees to interact seamlessly. Since every single person involved from forwarders, handlers, airlines, and customs are involved in this digital system and can easily communicate electronically, it efficiently boosts air freight and supply chain demand and reduces overall logistic costs. It not only optimizes the performance and productivity but boosts the efficiency of transportation which results in an increase in revenue and customer satisfaction.

Air Freight

Using Smartphones To Your Advantage

The advancement in technology has made it easier to track your orders. This is the most valuable tool to boost air freight efficiency. By using different kinds of apps, you can track the flights and your freight and hence can provide your customers with real-time information, which will help you to gain their trust. These will help to micromanage your air freight management system.

Enhanced ULD Management System

Let’s begin with understanding what exactly ULD is. It is a unit load device that is basically a container that is used to load freight on aircraft. To load and unload the freight, ULD is transferred a dozen times, and keeping track is challenging and a waste of time. To make sure we boost our air freight efficiency, we need to improve the management of ULD. Keep in mind that ULD is an important asset; therefore, by using the improved technological phase, you can have blue-tooth enabled ULDs to track and analyze their movements. This will tell the staff where their shipments are at all times.


Air efficiency is increased when you can send several packages at one go. For this, you need to make sure you properly pack your freight. The large, fragile, and unusual items should be packed securely so they do not take much space and can be shipped in securely.