Best Companies for Logistics Services in Florida

Best Companies for Logistics Services in Florida

Logistics Services in Florida

Logistics involves the commercial process of transporting people, goods, equipment, and others.

It has become the backbone of companies carrying international businesses. However, many local companies also look for the best logistics services in Florida.

This blog can be instrumental if you are looking for a reputable company to handle your logistics.

This write-up lists the best companies for logistic services in Florida. Alongside this, we will be adding their details as well.

Logistics Services

Top Companies for Logistics Services in Florida

  • ModusLink Corporation

ModusLink Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Steel Connect, Inc. (NASDAQ: STCN).

It provides digital and physical supply chain solutions. The company is well-known among the world’s leading brands. It provides services to a diverse range of industries.

They provide logistic services for software and content, consumer packaged goods, medical devices, retail consumer electronics, telecommunications, computing and storage, and luxury and connected devices.

Logistics Services

The company’s services are designed to improve end-to-end supply chains to drive growth, lower costs, and improve profits.

It has a global footprint that spans North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.

  • RCC Auto Transport

RCC is a licensed and bonded third-party auto transportation firm. It is based in Miami, Florida.

The company keeps over 15 years of experience in the industry. The market knows them as a leading vehicle transport service provider.

They ship cars, boats, trucks, and other vehicles with safe and sound methods.

Logistics Services

RCC is also famous for reasonable rates. No matter what you are delivering, the company charges a reasonable amount. Moreover, you can order door-to-door service as well.

They leave no stone unturned to make the process convenient and efficient.

When you order logistics services from RCC, there is no need to worry about the products.

The company follows a stringent carrier vetting process to ensure carriers carry the transportation with exemplary safety and service record.

  • Navis GPS

If you are looking for a company with abundant experience, you can count on this. Navis GPS has been working in the industry for more than 75 years.

It covers both the product market segments and logistics in the procurement and sourcing field.

Logistics Services

The souring teams of Navis are experts in global freight logistics. Their product sourcing has allowed them to strive and produce exemplary customer service.

Navis GPS is more than a company. They work as a TEAM that stands for (Tolerant, Expectation-oriented, Accepted, and Motivated).

They apply a cost-benefit analysis to identify the best trade lanes for each shipment. Thus, they are among the best companies that provide logistics services in Florida.

  • Aurus

Another trustable name in the industry is Aurus. They have been providing quality services since 1966.

The company kicked off its journey as a freight forwarder. They work under the name of Inter-Continental Corporation.

Ethics and professionalism are two things they never compromised on. Since its beginning, the company has been on the spot regarding commitment and customer satisfaction.

They escalated in 1970 and extended their services to integrate customs operations.

They always kept the origin and destination traffic in Miami. Aurus is committed to developing its infrastructure platform for all of Latin America.

Therefore, we have kept them among the companies that provide the best logistics services in Florida.

  • DNA Supply Chain Solutions

DNA Supply Chain Solutions come on the priority list when it comes to the carriage of goods by the ocean. The company is an expert at this job. It moves goods around the globe with its overseas partners, steamship lines, and other consolidators.

You can get unparalleled service options and flexibility. It also includes a regular full container up to 45’ and a less-than-container load service for smaller shipments.

They handle refrigerated cargo for wheeled or tracked vehicles. However, open tops are used for oversize freight and bulk liquid or dry tanks. The cherry on top, the federal maritime commission licenses the company.

  • XTrans

The transportation history of XTrans dates back to 1937. Today, their 4th consecutive generation is running the business. It is not only a logistics business for them but a family legacy. The workforce at XTrans is always on the go to satisfy their customers.

This company never fails to keep its word and always delivers shipments promptly. All the carriers are screened and monitored around the clock, ensuring safe transit. However, there will be a representative to entertain your queries every time.

  • Conclusion

The industry of logistics moves the commercial world. We have filtered out the companies that are best at providing logistics services in Florida. Now, it’s your shot. Pick the one that suits your needs and make the most of your business.