Dry Van Transportation Services – All That You Need To Know

Dry Van Transportation Services – All That You Need To Know

Dry Van Transportation Services

Dry Van Transportation Services are the most common trailer facility used for shipping. It consists of large empty boxes that are ideal for different types of shipping jobs. Some people confuse a dry van with a flatbed. But, both are different as a flatbed is not fenced on top, revealing the products to the outside.

Dry Van Transportation Services move cargo in fully enclosed and sealed vehicles. These trailers are designed to transport large quantities of goods, freight, and equipment that do not necessitate temperature control. Dry van vehicles are shielded from weather and other conditions, which is why they are called ‘dry.’ The majority of dry van trailers can haul between 43,000 and 45,000 pounds.

Dry Van Transportation Services can be easily used in various ways due to their flexibility and adaptability. As they can shift anything that fits in the trailer and is non-perishable, such as:

  • Food and beverages that are not perishable, fabrics and clothing, electronics, and other retail products
  • Packaged consumer goods
  • Materials for construction
  • Moving furniture, electronics, and other belongings
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Raw materials are transported from the warehouse to the construction site or vice versa

However, you have to consider a few things while using dry vans. For instance: You must avoid transporting temperature-sensitive goods as they are not suitable for these items due to their wooden floors and cannot withstand humidity.


Let’s discuss its benefits to understand its utility for the transportation industry.

Dry Van Transportation

Protection From Natural Factors

Dry Van Transportation Services offer a covered delivery vessel to store freight items. They have four sides providing superior weather safety for transit items against natural factors like wind, snow, and rain. It makes them a perfect choice for transporting moisture-sensitive items. Dry van vehicles are essential for safeguarding shipping goods over long distances requiring driving on roads, plains, and highlands. Nature could be damaging in these conditions, and these types of trailers can help protect from it.

Keep Goods Secure From Theft

When selecting a delivery trailer, security is a critical consideration. Dry van vehicles protect goods in transit, resulting in fewer shipping expenses with insurance firms. Moreover, these vehicles use secured locks that deter thieves while goods are in transit.

This trailer type keeps your items from being uncovered or easily reachable, giving it a plus over flat deck trailers or curtain side trailers. Finally, providing business owners equanimity by ensuring essential safety.

Have Durable Floorings

Dry Van Transportation Services providers use vehicles with robust floorings compared to other vans. Suppose you wish to ship large goods that must be protected from outside agents and stealing. This structural advantage allows transporters to use their towing motors to ship cargo.

Cost Effective

Dry Van Transportation Services operators don’t require additional operational permits; therefore, they easily offer services at reasonable prices. These vehicles prove to be a cheaper option due to this important reason.

Dry Van Transportation Services are more inexpensive than other shipping systems as they are readily available and normally do not need extra service costs.

Easy To Use

Dry Van Transportation Services uses simple vehicles with comfortable roll-up and swing doors. It is quite a beneficial feature as that helps when you quickly load, unload, and protect the trailer. Therefore, this vehicle will save time, hassle, and money connected with other shipping and transport trailers.

Aesthetic Outlook

Utilizing dry van vehicles comes with the perk as they appear attractive from the outside, and no one knows what is being transported. Moreover, these vehicles also possess proper inner lighting that lets you utilize them even in badly lit situations, making them more useful than flatbed trailers.

Readily Available In A Variety Of Sizes

Dry vehicles providers offer a wide variety of vehicles to customers. For instance: 28-foot trailers, Straight trailers, and 53-foot trailers. It allows corporations to select their favored size based on the types of their cargo. It makes it more appropriate and compliant than others, such as flatbed trailers.


Dry vehicles offer numerous advantages over other vehicles used in cargo shipping as they guard the baggage against robbers and natural factors. Moreover, they normally prove to be less expensive than other kinds. Resultantly, dry van vehicles have become a common highlight of the transport industry, necessitating the requirement to keep an eye on them.

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